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31. ULICA Wind from The East

wind from the east

ULICA - The International Festival of Street Theatres in Krakow is one of the oldest events in this part of Europe dedicated to the presentation of outdoor theatres from all over the world. Organised by the KTO Theatre since 1988, it has gained recognition in Poland and abroad and its audience has varied from 60 000 to 100 000.

For 4 days in July each year Krakow turns into a great open-air stage and. art leaves theatres  galleries and museums and goes outdoors. In the streets and squares of Cracow the festival gathers numerous residents of the city and the region as well as large numbers of tourists from all corners of the world, who decide to visit the city at this time.

During the four days of  this year’s theatre feast ca 100 000 spectators will enjoy some 80 artistic events presented on the most beautiful open-air stages of Cracow (The Main Square, The Small Square, The Podgorski Square,, Jordan Park and Bednarski Park).

The aim of the 31st ULICA Festival
is to introduce the newest concepts, themes and trends of street theatre from Asia to Polish spectators . In this year’s edition, entitled “Wind from the East”, we will find out to what extent the Asian street and outdoor theatre draws inspiration from the culture and theatre of Europe and to what extent it creates its own quality based on the tradition of the East.  Another important criterion was strictly geographic in nature – we wish to present to the audience the street and outdoor theatre groups which create their shows east of Europe.

We also intend to display the impact of ceremonies and rites, still vital in the culture of the East, on the language of theatre. As we believe, such a confrontation of two approaches to theatre – the Asian and the European – will prove to be truly fascinating.

We also hope, that such artistic collation will be beneficial for the local audience as much as for the artists from Asia who will gain an opportunity to learn about European culture while promoting their productions.

A separate section of the festival’s programme will present a number of “family theatre” shows addressed to children and parents, We are also going to organise some workshops focused on selected techniques of theatre from the East and some sessions focused on theatre in Asia.

During the festival a particularly strong emphasis will be placed on the presentation of the best theatre productions from South Korea. Despite our festval’s 30-year tradition not a single theatre group from South Korea has yet taken part in it. Therefore such a strong presence of Korean theatre at this year’s festival will be something extraordinary not just for Krakow but also for Poland as a whole.



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