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Les Anthropologues (France) – Alice into the street

The Body Snatchers Theatre (Poland) – Scootergang

Bolwerk (Belgium) – Carpool

Cie Tac O Tac (France) – Take Off

Circus Ferus (Poland) – Heart of Poland

Cirkatomik (France) – Le P.U.F : Produit Utile aux Festivaliers (P.U.F : Products Useful for Festivalgoers)

Compagnie Abozeta (France) – Un bâton dans la rue (A stick in the Street)

The Drunken Bedroom Theatre (Poland) – Loydyrydy

Duchamp Pilot (Spain/UK) – Muaré Experience

Groupe Tango Sumo (France) – Around

Iza Kała (Poland) – Credit of Trust

The Jashgawronsky Brothers (Italy) – Trash!

The Jelenia Gora Resort Animation Theatre (Poland) – Tim the Handyman

The Kaleidoscope Stage of the Krakow Street Theatre (Poland) – Eunice in Circusland

The Krakow Dance Theatre (Poland) –  Estra&Andro

The KTO Theatre (Poland) – The Blind, Ink for the Left-handed. An Absurd Comedy, Peregrinus

The Ludwik Solski Theatre in Tarnow (Poland) – Old Gentlemen Again

The Lviv Academic Theatre "Voskresinnia" (Ukraine) – Seagull

Markeliñe (Basque Country/Spain) – Andante

MimIrina (Poland) – The Chimney Sweeper

The Mouth to Mouth Republic Theatre (Poland) – The Cycle

The Mumerus Theatre (Poland) – Communal Song (in co-operation with the Strojone Group), A Table with Broken Legs. On the Table and Under the Table

Muzikanten (Poland) – The Wandering Silent Cinema

The Nikoli Theatre (Poland) – Impresario

The "Out of Suitcase" Theatre (Poland) – Barrel of Laughter, Satyriade

The Pinezka Theatre (Poland) – Trollshow

The Puppet Clinic Theatre (Poland) – A Poem About the Sun and the Moon

The Rondo Theatre (Poland) – Kukier

Serious Clowns (Australia/Russia/Israel/Greece) – The Lost Wheels of Time

Teatr A Part (Poland) – Faust

Teatr Akt (Poland) – Beyond Time

Teatr Biuro Podróży (Poland) – Master of Hunger

Teatr Okna (Windows Theatre) of the Municipal Centre for Culture in Stalowa Wola (Poland) – A Summer's Day

The Te-O-Ka Theatre PROJECT 3 (Poland) – Saga

Theatre A (Poland) – Moria – Loneliness of Silence

Theatre of Dreams (Poland) – Remus

The Tiny Theatre (Poland) – Niteczka the Tailor

The Trick Brothers (Czech Republic) – Piggy Circus

The True Theatre (Poland) – The Last March

The Vagabond Theatre (Poland) – The Magic Harbour



Leo Jazz Ansamble (France) – concert



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