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The comedy entitled This Week’s Saints is the story of an individual who has "locked himself" in his life and makes every effort to find out how to get out of this problem. It is a humorous attempt to tell the story of life.

If there is someone who has seen Ink for the Left-handed and still has doubts about a true picture of the world in which we live, it is about time they changed it...

Premiere - May 2010

This Week’s Saints is the second production (after Ink for the Left-handed) made by Krzysztof Niedzwiedzki at the KTO Theatre.




"(...) an ironic and bitter at times (as it is taken from life!) tale about us as we are – trapped between Monday and Sunday, locked in our flats with too little space around, sharing them with too many flat mates, spending hours on tedious activities. The bizarre content is expressed through an equally unusual form – I mean the four actors who "steal" their parts from each other, exchange them and juggle with characters (...)" 
By Marta Odziomek, Dziennik Teatralny – Katowice

"(...) Stage left there is the strangest theatre door I have ever seen. Niedzwiedzki uses this hellish door to transform the characters – he uses visual tricks to replace their identities. In realistic terms it is the door to the bathroom in which the protagonist has locked himself. Bad news. He wanted to see an important match in the room back stage and suddenly there is a problem. He is faced by a man with a contract proposal. We infer from the context that it is about the sale of the flat with or without the bathroom. The signature would mean a consent to give a certain form to reality and a specific identity to the protagonist. (…) Empty space. Either there is nothing in it or it is full of nothing. (…) Discipline, precision, jokes: some tamed and some gone wild. Niedzwiedzki really impressed me with this show"
By Lukasz Drewniak, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

"(...) A wonderful feel for language by the author, who knows how to play with it building non-sense situations, evokes spontaneous bursts of laughter from the audience and is a great antidote to the greyness and dreariness of everyday life. And what about the fact that in Mr Niewiarowski (who translates as Mr Faithless in English) we find many features that make him similar to us? That’s all right. We will have to cope with it somehow. A good laugh is the best therapy, isn’t it?"  
By Magdalena Wrobel, Modny Kraków

"(...) Numbered characters, figurines, who have come from a nearby place – from behind the window, from your street. And let it suffice that each of them is nobody – this is their fate in the world, written in the stars above. There is no other way. Everyone is nobody to such an extent that it is hard for them to be themselves for longer than just a moment. (...) Here is the first handmill. Time is grinding the four humble beings. (...) A humble life story – the recording and inventing of which is the start and the end of the performance created by Niedzwiedzki - is developed by the four characters who keep pulling it, esch in their own direction, as if it were an undersized quilt. They steal from one another their single humble life and they steal words. And here is the second handmill, a perfect one. (...) The four saints of our everyday misery, who want to survive another murky week, grind both their own and other people's misery (it does not make any difference anyway) jumping at it from one side or another, saying preposterous things that come to their poor empty minds. (...) The laugh of this two-penny operetta, the essence of which is as hard to define as it would be to summarise its plot, has got cold ashes at the bottom. In the final scene, when it is already clear that the four saints of this week will not have enough words to relate their humble life story once more, one of them just makes a click with a ball pen. It is a painful dry sound. That’s it. There is only nothing ahead. The end of a week followed by no beginning of another week. A dead ball pen, an empty sheet of paper, silent darkness".  
By Pawel Glowacki, Dziennik Polski



Written and directed by Krzysztof Niedźwiedzki
Music by Jerzy Zając

Performers: Jacek Buczyński, Norbert Burkowski, Pawel Rybak, Maciej Słota



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