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An amusing and slightly surrealist staging of a less known play by Boguslav Schaeffer, a distinguished Polish playwright and composer.
It is focused on a sequence of incidents that take place among a group of six women and one "multi-individual" at the office of a certain magazine for women.

Premiere - 2nd and 3rd February 2013






(…) "To pens, women! For our common feminine motherland!"  - that would be a contemporary motto of the six ambitious women, the founders of "a magazine for women edited by women alone". Down with the "sly foxes" who block the posts that should be open for young creative girls! Down with all the boring topics in the press! And, above all, down with men!
It is an entertaining satire, abundant in brilliant lines. It depicts the nature of women from many different angles, such as friendship, attitude to work and to co-workers. Pros and cons of being stuck in an unisexual work environment. This show, apparently feminist in nature, goes in a circle – a non-coincidental symbol of feminity and periodicity – and shows the women who are able to find and define themselves in each new situation.
At times the oestrogen generated here in excessive portions makes it difficult for the audience even to breathe. Luckily, balance is regained thanks to the male element emerging from darkness from time to time. Not just among the audience but also among the characters in the show. Maybe a man can be of some use at times? …
Marzena Rogozik, kulturatka.pl






Written by Bogusław Schaeffer
Directed by Piotr Bikont
Stage set by Aleksander Janicki

Performers: Anna Kamykowska, Justyna Orzechowska, Agata Słowicka/Paulina Lasyk, Grażyna Srebrny-Rosa, Katarzyna Maria Zawadzka/Karolina Bondaronek, Marta Zoń, Michał Orzyłowski





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