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Credit of Trust - Iza Kala (Poland)


performed in Polish

In Credit of Trust Iza Kala impersonates a professional personal development trainer, thus orchestrating vast sources of laughter hidden beneath the surface of seriousness. The trainer will help you rid yourself of your anxieties, she will free your emotions and help you realise your hopes. All you have to do is give her your credit of trust. You can treat this hour spent in a theatre as a semblance of a real coaching session – the difference being that everything here is done with humour and distance.

Premiere: 2013, Krakow, Poland
Duration: 60 mins.


Iza Kala is a graduate of the State Higher Film School in Lodz. She is familiar with the stages and back rooms of the largest Polish theatres – the National Theatre and the Polish Theatre in Warsaw and the Ad Spectatores Theatre in Wroclaw. She has even performed in Moscow, collaborating with the DOC Theatre, and in Germany, participating in 2006 in the Berlinare Talent Campus and, later on, taking part in German TV productions. She is well known to the Polish audience from a number of television serials.



It is not easy to amuse people who are stressed. But Iza Kala on the stage is an elixir for the stress of contemporary woman.
Beata Pawlowicz, "Zwierciadlo"



Author and director: Aneta Wrobel
Music: Zuzanna Falkowska

Performer: Iza Kala



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